Real Estate

Real Estate law is a vast and complex area in which there are rarely simple, isolated issues to be handled.

Generally, real estate matters, whether involving litigation or purely transactional services, involve a web of issues that need to be recognized and untangled; each issue solved before full resolution of the matter.

For this reason, you want experienced attorneys capable of solving whatever issues may arise during the course of a matter.

Kessler Law Group is one of the premier Arizona firms dealing with tax lien foreclosure matters.

This office has been representing investors nationwide through the foreclosure process for more than 35 years. As a result, we are well versed and experienced in all of the nuances of the tax lien business and are prepared to address any obstacles that may arise in the foreclosure process. This office represents a wide range of tax lien investors, ranging from “mom and pop” investors to major national hedge funds.

Consistent with the idea that real estate matters involve a web of issues, what may seem like a straight-forward foreclosure process is inevitably fraught with potential issues that could lead to an unlawful redemption by a non-party or defects in title after conclusion of the foreclosure lawsuit. Kessler Law Group is adept at recognizing issues with prior conveyances and potential adverse possession interests, as well as ensuring proper service on all parties. Through its extensive relationships with title companies throughout Arizona and other states, Kessler Law Group has not only developed valuable networks, our attorneys understand the needs of title companies so that our investors acquisitions are insurable. Kessler Law Group works tenaciously to ensure all requirements for clear title are satisfied.

Through extensive experience in tax lien foreclosures and other real estate related matters, Kessler Law Group has developed an intimate understanding of the real estate landscape in counties throughout Arizona, allowing Kessler Law Group to aid clients in assessing the value of properties in their portfolios.

In addition to tax lien foreclosure matters, Kessler Law Group is experienced in a wide variety of other real estate matters, including:

  • Purchase and sale of real estate
  • Commercial and residential leases
  • Quiet title actions
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Drafting shared-well and easement agreements
  • Resolving title defects
  • Mechanics Liens
  • Construction Defect